Off-campus student accommodation platform.

StudyStays is the premier off-campus accommodation solution for Australian universities.

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Leading universities use StudyStays to provide off-campus housing services

Unlock affordable student accommodation options

Tap into the local community around campuses to include a broader range of accommodation options sourced from individuals, families and students.

StudyStays empowers universities to collaborate with the local community to offer a more affordable and diverse housing portfolio to students.

Connect to a flexible supply of housing

Recent challenges have led universities to reassess their accommodation strategies and explore innovative solutions to address the evolving needs of their student populations.

StudyStays helps universities create a dynamic ecosystem where the supply of housing aligns with the fluctuating demand from students. Minimize financial risks during periods of low demand.

Trusted by Australian universities since 2009

StudyStays is designed to help universities meet their accommodation service goals.

  • Promote diverse, affordable accommodation options for students
  • Optimise and automate administrative processes
  • Monitor and report on metrics that are important to university objectives

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