StudyStays is the only product of its kind, designed especially for Australian universities.



We take security of your data very seriously. We ensure our servers are kept up to date with the latest security fixes and carefully control who has access to them. All pages are also secured with Transport Layer Security (TLS, but commonly known as SSL) so anyone browsing your website is protected from having their confidential information intercepted.


Administration is the back-end management for university staff. It gives you access to admin functions for providers, listings, students, the content management system, reports, and settings.

This is where you'll approve new listings and registrations, and review changes to listings requested by providers.


StudyStays makes it easy to visualise your website's performance with built-in reporting and support for Google Analytics. A variety of reports exist for listings, providers, students and administration. Custom reports are also available upon request.


We understand that each university is unique. Which is why StudyStays allows you to specify how you would like to configure your off-campus accommodation website. Through the admin area, we've made it easy to self-service the different listings requirements and other settings for your university.


StudyStays makes it easy to keep in touch with your students and landlords.

The Mailouts feature lets you send mass emails to students and providers and to view performance reports.

Notes allow all administrators to stay on top of listings, providers and students. Notes can be added against properties and users to share information or to use as a reminder between administrators!

We've made it easy to keep records of emails between providers and students. When you email a user, you can CC (or forward to) a special Email Tracking address. These emails will then be tracked and stored in your admin against the user's profile.

Bulletins are a way to display important messages to students or providers after they've signed in.

Automatic Emails are sent when people perform certain actions on your website such as when a student registers or a listing is approved. You can customise these emails using templates to keep people informed about what's going on.

Content Management System

The Content Management System (CMS) allows you to publish, edit and modify your own content all from the one interface. Through here you can manage content such as:

  • Content pages
  • Front page & sidebar content
  • File & image uploads
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Bulletins (login notifications)
  • Mailouts (bulk e-mails)


Your StudyStays website can be branded to match your university's home page. Jump on a trial now to see how StudyStays can fit in with your university's style.

You can check out live examples of university branding here:

The web address for your StudyStays website is another big part of showing that it really belongs to your university. If you want to use your domain name for StudyStays, we'll tell you how to hook this up with some assistance from your I.T. department.


Although we'd like to think that StudyStays is really easy to use and never breaks, there are unfortunately times when things don't go exactly according to plan.

When things go wrong, you have email and phone support (on the Big plan) during business hours, with guaranteed response times. We're always interested to hear about your ideas for improvements and new features too!

We've also got more in-depth information in our help pages and blog.

Other Features

Search Options

Students can search through the listings based on price and location. Configurable advanced search options are also available.

Maps & Geolocation

Listings include a map showing the location of listings in relation to the nearby university campuses.

Badges & Tags

You can award badges to listings to influence their search rankings. Tags are used to organise listings into groups.

Featured Listings

You can select properties to feature on the home page of their off-campus housing website.

Unlimited Uploads

No restrictions are in place on how many files and photos are uploaded to the server. This helps to encourage providers to represent their properties online as best as possible.

It is expensive to maintain your very own off-campus housing software. By choosing to go with StudyStays, you pay a small fraction of what it would cost to do it in-house.

Web-Based Software

StudyStays is completely web-based. We handle all the hosting infrastructure and maintenance for you. There's no need for an ‘I.T. guy’ - we keep everything running smoothly on the best cloud-based systems available.

Backups of your data are taken nightly and stored off-site. You retain ownership and responsibility for the data collected through your StudyStays website most of which is easily exported at any time.

We take information privacy very seriously, and that's why we take care of your confidential data to make sure it never falls into the wrong hands.

Development & Updates

StudyStays are always working on developing the software to stay above the growing needs of universities. Updates are always being added automatically to the website without any costs or interference. You can rest assured that we have the latest on security fixes and operating systems.