Featured listings

April 28, 2014
You can now feature listings on the front page of your StudyStays site by awarding the special 'featured' badge to listings. This allows you to promote listings that deserve special attention.

To use Featured Listings you might need to check that you have Badges enabled first. You can find this setting through Admin > Settings > Listings.

To feature a listing, you award the 'featured' badge when you're viewing a listing in admin. If you want to feature all listings from a certain provider, you can award the 'featured' badge to the provider instead of awarding it to individual listings.

Once you've awarded the featured badge to at least one listing, StudyStays will show up to 2 random featured listings on the front page of your site. Students can click "More featured listings..." to see all the featured listings.

Featured listings will also rank higher in search results, the same way awarding any other badge makes the listing rise to the top of search results.

So featured listings should get a lot more attention from students compared to regular listings. Maybe it's worth considering charging providers for this extra value? Just something to think about...