Adding Custom Forms to your site

Custom Forms are available for customers on our Premium plan, or as an additional add-on for other customers. Please contact support for pricing details.

Custom forms let you build a special purpose form directly into your StudyStays site. Such forms may be useful for inducting new students or providers, conducting user surveys, collecting feedback, or to meet other reporting objectives for your university.

If you don't have access to custom forms on your StudyStays subscription package, a free alternative is to embed a Wufoo form.

Any number of custom forms can be created, and entries can be solicited by including a link to the form either in a page (from Admin > Content > Pages) or by running an email campaign.

Building forms

Forms can be organised into sections. Each section can have any number of fields, including:

  • Short answer
  • Paragraph
  • Multiple choice
  • Checklist
  • Tick-box
  • Dropdown
  • Instructions

Fields must have a lable, and can optionally be marked as required. You can also add placeholder text and help text to assist users in entering good answers.

Fields and sections can be dragged-and-dropped to re-order them.

Collecting submissions

You can choose an email address to receive new submissions as soon as they are submitted.

You can also download a spreadsheet (.CSV) of all submissions for a particular form if you would like to perform further analysis or otherwise use this data in some way.

Limiting access to forms

You can choose to make forms available to anyone; or only to signed-in students, or providers, or both students and providers.

You can set a form to stop collecting submissions if