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Adding forms to your site

If you would like to include a form in your site – such as a feedback form or a survey – we recommend using a website called Wufoo. Wufoo makes it really easy to build forms, and it can also email you directly whenever someone fills out the form. Wufoo is free to use for up to 3 forms and 100 entries per month.

This page covers:
  1. Creating a Wufoo account
  2. Building your form
  3. Getting your form into StudyStays
  4. Linking to your form from other pages
  5. More...

Step 1: Create a Wufoo account

Go here to sign up for a free Wufoo account.

If you're stuck for ideas on what to put for the Account URL, it doesn't matter too much but you could use the name of your StudyStays website or something like "xxxhousing" where xxx is your University's abbreviation. Short and memorable is good!

Step 2: Build your form

Who better to explain how to build a Wufoo form than Wufoo themselves? Over to them...

For more info, check out Wufoo's Form Builder help page, part of their extensive help documentation.

Step 3: Get your form into StudyStays

This step shows you how to ‘embed’ your form into a content page in StudyStays, so that it appears as though the form is just another page on your website.

While logged in to your Wufoo account:

  1. Click the Forms tab to see a list of the forms you've built
  2. Under the form that you'd like to embed, click the Code button
  3. On the next page, on the left-hand side, click Embed Form Code
  4. Select and copy the code in the JavaScript Version text box

Next, in StudyStays admin:

  1. Go to Content > Pages
  2. Click + add a page
  3. Enter a title for the page
  4. In the editor toolbar, click the </> button (HTML).
  5. Paste in the embed code you got from Wufoo above.
  6. Save the page

Your form should now appear as part of the page you just created.

So now your form is in StudyStays, but no-one will know how to find it without a link. For this example, we'll link to the form from the front page, but you could also link from the sidebar, or from another content page – the process will be much the same.

Please note: to edit the front page, you need to be a “Super Admin”. For info on administrator types, please see this page.

  1. Go to the page you just created in Step 3 above. Make sure you're not in edit mode.
  2. In your web browser's address bar, copy the address of the page – something like “ ”
  3. Go to Content > Front page
  4. In the editor text box, enter some text you'd like to turn into a link, e.g. “We value your feedback!”
  5. Select this text and click the link button in the editor toolbar (looks like a chain), and click “Insert Link”
  6. Paste in the address of the page into the URL box and click “Insert”


Wufoo has extensive help documentation if you'd like to learn more. Particularly useful is the page on getting notified by email when someone fills out your form.

And if you run into any problems, please contact us.