Flatmates Team-ups

Team-ups are a way for students to meet other students who are looking for accommodation in order to start a new share house with them.

Why team up?

For students, finding flatmates that they get along can make the difference between just having a place to sleep and living in a house that feels like home. Team-ups let students find great flatmates first, and then share the work of finding the accommodation that suits everyone.

Teaming up can also give students the ability to choose a nicer house than they would be able to afford on their own.

How does it work?

  1. Students can tick a box on their profile form to indicate that they're interested in team-ups. This will allow them to match with other students who are also interested in teaming up.
  2. On the student's search page, possible team ups will be displayed based on their compatibility. Students can also do a custom team-up search to refine their matches.
  3. When a suitable match is found, the student can send them a message using the Contact section at the bottom of their profile page.
  4. After sending a few messages back and forth the students can decide to take the next step and arrange an in-person meet up.
  5. The students meet up and discuss what they're looking for in a share house. If they get along, they might decide to swap contact details at this point so that they can coordinate more easily.
  6. Students can then search for properties on the Properties tab of your main off campus accommodation website to find places they like. They can go and inspect properties together, and if all goes well they can agree to sign a lease.

Want to know more?

All these Flatmates features are available to existing StudyStays customers for a small annual fee.

If you'd like more information, or to arrange a demo, please email us at support@studystays.com