"Categories" are used to customise the information you collect and display on listings.

Some common categories are included utilities, parking options, furnishings, internet connection, whether bond will be lodged with a tenancy authority, and whether pets are allowed or not.

Categories are configured through Admin > Settings > Categories. There are "standard" categories for property types and room types, and "additional" categories which can be created according to any criteria you desire.

Categories can be renamed and re-ordered. Categories let you configure answers for providers to select, mark the category as required, and let providers select multiple answers.

"Only applied to shared housing"

You can choose this option when the category should only be displayed for rooms in a shared property. For example, a "P"referred gender" category might only be appropriate to ask for shared housing.

Admin-only categories

You may choose to make some categories visible to administrators only. Providers can enter information for these categories when listing their property, and their answers can be reviewed when approving the listing. However, students will not see the provider's answers for admin-only categories.

For more on categories, see customising the listing form with categories on our blog.