Admin overview

The starting point for administering your StudyStays website is the Admin overview page.

You will end up here automatically when you sign in with an administrator account, but you can also get there by clicking 'Admin' from the public site, or by clicking the 'Overview' tab if you're already working in admin.'

The admin overview alerts you to a number of different things that require action.

Approving listings

New listings that require approval will be shown up the top on the overview tab, in the approval queue. Click a listing address to view the listing. You will be given the option to approve or reject the listing, with an approval score to assist in making that decision.

The approval score is a sum of the factors (positive and negative) that may influence your decision to approve a listing. It's not a substitute for checking the listing, but it can give you an indication about how carefully you need to check.

Some factors that influence the approval score are things like how many approved or rejected listings the provider has had, and whether their name or listing address is similar to a previously rejected name or listing address.

You can also edit listings that are in the approval queue, for example if the provider has made some small mistakes in their submission.

If the property was listed previously, you will also see when it was advertised and how many things have changed since it was last listed. This can affect how carefully you need to check the listing before approving (or rejecting) it.

Approving listing changes

This works very similar to approving new listings, but in this case you are approving changes to a listing that is currently being advertised. Before the changes become public, you can check exactly what has changed to make sure it's appropriate for students.

When you click on a listing where the provider has made changes, you will see additions highlighted in green and deletions highlighted in red. So you can focus on what has changed but still see the whole listing in context.

New student registrations

Depending on how your site is configured, you may need to approve some student accounts. If there are student accounts pending approval these will be shown on the admin overview page too.

If there are students awaiting approval you should see a count of these at the bottom of the admin overview page. Click on the count and then click on a student to see their registration info.

If supporting documentation is enabled for students, you will be able to review their documents to decide whether or not to approve them.

Other items

Depending on your site configuration, other things that may require your attention will be shown on the admin overview page from time to time. These include things like listing feedback from students, accommodation reviews.

Click on an item to review it, and you will be given a few highlighted options about what to do with it near the top of the page.

Automatic notifications

You can choose to be notified immediately when a listing or student requires approval. Go to your dashboard and click "Edit" next to your Administrator details, then click the tickbox to "Notify when new listings or registrations need approval".